About us

What is our parenting philosophy? How are we ensuring the strongest start for our baby? What advice do we have for other parents?  These are just some of the question that we have no idea how to answer.  We’re just making it up as we go along.

We have been parents since the 13th of January 2013. Apart from this particular child – our own –  we have absolutely no experience with the mini humans. Every day seems to bring a new challenge which takes us completely by surprise. What do you do when at soft play an older child picks up your toddler and walks along with her as if she was her doll? What facial expression do you give the owner of a very fat dog that your little girl has just pointed at while exclaiming “bear!” Or the guy with the nose piercing that she pointed to and said: “bogey!”? How do you explain to a 20-month-old that it is NOT acceptable to do a poo in the bath tub? (well, first step is probably to stop laughing about it, but that is almost impossible).

We are probably not much different from most other parents in their mid thirties who aren’t used to having to get dressed or leave the house at the weekends. Daddy is English and mummy is Danish and we live in the UK. The area we live in is, well….lets just say that it didn’t take long for our baby to start imitating the sound of a police siren.

Googling, guessing and improvising our way through parenthood we will be sharing our successes and failures on this blog in the hope that it will be, if not helpful, then at least a little bit entertaining to others.


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